Lower in calories

Compared with alcoholic beer and many soft drinks, sub-0.5% abv beer is much lower in calories. So far, our beers are (on average) 69 calories a bottle. By comparison, a bottle of Brewdog's Punk IPA comes in at 158 calories a bottle more than double!

Vitamin rich

Sub-0.5% abv beers have all the rich B vitamins found in alcoholic beers, but of course, without the alcohol. They have even been proven to reduce fatigue, boost immunity and help sports recovery.

Great taste

Gone is the inevitability of inferior taste as low and no alcohol beer producers push the boundaries of flavour and quality with new and innovative brewing techniques. Some no-low brews have even won awards for flavour in competition with alcoholic beers!

No hangover!

The best part. Since you cannot get drunk on sub-0.5% abv beer, you can indulge all evening and still be sharp the next day. Perfect for midweek drinking...