Fed up with hangovers at work, I started drinking more no and low alcohol beer, especially midweek. I was quickly surprised at how difficult it was to find decent stuff, and although things have improved in the last few years, the better beers are still not easily found.


After trying dozens of different varieties, I was convinced of how good they could be. I also realised how poor some could be - trying one of these as your first experience could easily put you off. No one was offering a curated range of the best beers out there - there needed to be a sub-0.5% beer club! I decided to create the UK's first and the Smart Beer Club was born.


Now our mission is to seek out the best sub-0.5% abv beers available, supplying our members with eight new beers each month, with no repetition for at least six months. That's 48 quality beers over six months of membership. We only send beers that stand up on taste - the only rubbish that makes it in to our boxes is a bit of recycled packaging!


This club was set up for those who enjoy their beer but don’t want to be boozed all the time. We look forward to welcoming you as a member.



Richard, Founder