(Sober) September's box

This box features a strong headliner in the unique and innovative Freestar, supported by new and exciting beers from renowned brewers Nirvana and Big Drop.

In their boxes this month SBC members found:

  • Freestar (0.0%) - No yeast, no fermentation, no alcohol whatsoever. Instead they add various citrus fruits - lemon, lime, bergamot and pomelo to create a complex, flavourful refreshing beer, with its own unique flavour.
  • Big Drop's Brown Ale (0.5%) - A malt focused ale with a toasty aroma and soft grassy notes. Fruit and caramel in taste - a classic warming brew.
  • Big Drop's Citra IPA (0.5%) - This award winning, limited edition IPA from Big Drop is pale in colour but robust in flavour as well as being gluten free, containing <10 PPM.
  • Nirvana's Twisted Buchabeer (0.5%) - The sour beer 'you never knew you needed'. This blend of green tea kombucha and smooth pale ale delivers an innovative & refreshing twist on the sour beer.
  • Nirvana's Organic Pale Ale (0.5%) - Certified organic and made with gold hops and British malts, this gentle pale ale offers balanced hints of spice and tangerine.
  • Infinite Session's Pale Ale (0.5%) - Brewed with wheat and oats for extra body, this American Pale Ale uses US hops to deliver a refreshing and bitter flavour.
  • Budweiser's Alcohol Free (0.0%) - A decent lager from one of largest brewery firms globally, we reckon this is better than the alcohol variety! Worth a try if you haven't done so already.


Good luck to everyone hoping to complete a sober sprint this September!