August's box

A summer line up of Smart Beers, headed up by lighter ales from Harveys and Hambletons.


This month SBC members received;

  • Harvey's Sussex Best (0.5%) - The low alcohol version of Harvey's flagship beer. They have been brewing beer since 1870! A great, rounded, summery type ale and a firm favourite at the Mindful Drinking Fest in January, and in our Dry January box.
  • Hambleton Ales Point Five (0.5%) - Less intense than some other pale ales on the market, this tailor made lively beer comes in a hefty 500ml bottle. Twice!
  • Mikkeller's Limbo Raspberry (0.3%) - Another adventurous addition from the renowned De Proef brewery in Belgium, this is a Flemish primitive beer with a fruity twist. Quite the experience!
  • Harviestoun's Wheesht Ruby Ale (0.0%) - 0% abv, 100% FBV (flavour by volume); this remarkable pure zero brew is flavoured with chocolate, biscuit and dried fruit. Velvety and surprisingly hoppy.
  • Big Drop’s Lager (0.5%) - Brewed in Ipswich by some of the finest minds in craft beer, this <0.5% abv lager is crisp with a hint of bitterness.
  • Big Drop’s Stout (0.5%) - From the same brewery, this delightful <0.5% abv stout has gone head-to-head with alcoholic varieties - and won!

Hope everyone enjoys their August beers!