June's box

This month our members receive...
Two bottles of ‘Lucky Saint’ Lager (0.5%) – A precisely tailored 0.5% abv lager, made with Bavarian barley, single-use yeast and Hallertau hops. Produced after a full year in development, this is the first offering from an exciting British brewer. First featured in our December box and well worth a second inclusion six months on. Unfiltered with a round, full flavour.
Two bottles of Thornbridge’s ‘Big Easy’ Pale Ale (0.5%) – Overflowing with American hops and offering fine floral flavours, this Pale Ale is full of flavour but low on alcohol. Brewed at Thornbridge’s iconic brewery near Bakewell in the Peak District – the home of the Bakewell Tart!
One bottle of And Union’s ‘Der Graf Von Bayern’ (0.5%) – This Bavarian Weiss Bier is identical to the full-strength version, with the alcohol cleverly removed using a patented vacuum process. This ‘post-modernist’ brewer has done great work bringing this healthy & naturally isotonic wheat beer to market. Another great post-workout brew!
One bottle of Harvey’s 'Old Ale' (0.5%) – Having featured Harvey’s other low-alcohol brew (Sussex Best) earlier this year, we felt it was time to offer this low-abv version of their award-winning Old Ale. Rich & dark – an all year treat for Ale fans.
One can of Brewdog’s 'Punk AF' IPA (0.5%) – It’s new, it’s out there, and soon it will be everywhere. Sample this one before it gets popular.
One can of Brewdog’s 'Raspberry Blitz' (0.5%) – This Berliner Weiss style sour won’t be to everyone’s taste but gives a different flavour to the June box. With a torrent of malts and layers of raspberry, this is a light and refreshing summer alternative.

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